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Be the Hands units are a way to help students think beyond themselves, to understand some big needs around our world and see them through the lens of love. We want children to view the world as God does and passionately pursue the things of His heart. Nothing could be more important than our kids living out their faith! That's where these units come in. They are meant to purposefully guide kids toward hearing the voice of God and practice loving others as we are called to do.


These units can be done as an independent study, as a family study, in a group, or even in the classroom. They are flexible and require very little planning ahead of time. The Home Instructor's Guide tells you what your child will be learning in their Student Notebooks and provides questions and optional activities to take it deeper. 

Since the issues addressed in these units are constantly changing, most resources are online, and sites are carefully selected for age and content-appropriateness. The sites are accessed through our "Resources" page on Additional print resources are optional and can usually be found at your local library. 

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25% of net proceeds are given to charities working directly with issues in our units. While the specific charities to which we give change, the purpose is always the same: to give to organizations with a track record of integrity and of reaching out to others around the world with the love of Jesus. To find out where we have given, please contact us.



My name is Lindsay van Staden, and I am a mom of 3 busy boys. Like many of you, I want them to grow up knowing Jesus personally and generously sharing His love with others here at home and around the world. Up until three years ago, I worked full time as a classroom teacher. I received a Master's in Reading Education and loved helping my students dig into thought-provoking reading material. After ten years in the classroom, I was given the great opportunity to be at home with my boys. I took it! I now homeschool my boys and am enjoying all the challenges and joys that come with homeschooling. I have a deep desire to see my children take their reading and apply it to real life. I developed this curriculum with that very purpose: to help students read about real life issues and apply the love of Jesus to them. I hope it's a blessing to you and your family!

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