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Look through the items on this page to get ideas for how you can do something RIGHT NOW to help refugees. You can make a difference in someone's life today!

Pray for Refugees

Commit to pray for refugees. Decide how many days you want to commit to praying. We recommend choosing a specific time of day so you don't forget.


The site below has multiple sections to pray for different groups of people in a range of situations. Choose one each day or focus on the same situation in your prayers each day.

Letters of Love

Send hope and joy to children in refugee camps by sending letters.

Ration Challenge

Experience the rations refugees have in their camps while raising money to feed them.


Love to run? Raise money and run a chosen number of miles in a week. Click the link below to find out more or search for a run in your area. Many runs can be joined virtually, so find one that works for you!

WElcome Someone

Many states have organizations in place to welcome refugees. If you don't find your state or city here, do some research on your own. Many churches in areas of refugee relocation have local opportunities to volunteer or donate items. Find an organization near you with the links below. Then make a plan for what to give!

Donate Items: Search "donate items for refugees in [your city name]" to find what is needed in your community.

Find an Organization Near You

RCUSA Locations: Volunteering must be done with an adult. Talk to your parents before you decide to volunteer.

CWS Offices

...Or come up with a new idea!

God has given you unique talents and interests that may not fit into one of the projects above. So if your idea isn't listed here, do it anyway! Dream big! Want some inspiration? Check out how these girls used their love of origami to give water to thousands! >

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