Look through the items on this page to get ideas for how you can do something RIGHT NOW to help refugees. You can make a difference in someone's life today!

Pray for Water

Commit to pray for water everyday for however many days you choose.

Letters of Love

Send hope and joy to children in refugee camps by sending letters.

Ration Challenge

Experience the rations refugees have in their camps while raising money to feed them. (Not in operation in 2020. Expected to resume in 2021.)


Love to run? Raise money and run a chosen number of miles in a week. 

WElcome Someone

Many states have organizations in place to welcome refugees. If you don't find your state or city here, do some research on your own. Many churches in areas of refugee relocation have local opportunities to volunteer or dontate items.

CWS Offices

Donate Items

Find an Organization Near You

RCUSA Locations

Walk for Water

The average person in developing countries walks 6 km a day for water.
Raise money by pledging to walk in the "Global 6K for Water".

Plan a Fundraiser

You can raise money for clean water in hundreds of ways. Find out a few here.

...Or come up with a new idea!

God has given you unique talents and interests that may not fit into one of the projects above. So if your idea isn't listed here, do it anyway! Dream big! Want some inspiration? Check out how these girls used their love of origami to give water to thousands! >

Project Details & planning questions

overview of projects

Pray for Water

Commit to pray for water everyday for 7, 14, or 21 days. (Or however many days you choose!) Use the "Pray for Water" guide as a starting point. 

Planning Questions:

1) How long will you commit to pray? 7 days? 14? 21?

2) Consider asking a family member or friend to pray with you or to keep you accountable by checking in with you about your commitment to pray. Who could you ask to do this?


3) When is your start date? Finish date? 

The H2O Project

Give up all beverages EXCEPT WATER, and then use the money you save from not buying other drinks to donate to a water charity. (See suggested water charities here.Have others join you and combine your savings for an even greater donation. 

Check out The H2O Project site from Living Water International. You can download resources there, including a “score card” to help you keep track of how much you've saved. (You need to input your name and email, so be sure to get your parent’s permission.)

Planning Questions:

1) How long will you commit to give up all other drinks besides water


2) When is your start date? Finish date? 

3) How much do you expect to save? Do you have a specific goal amount in mind?


4) Who will you ask to join you in this challenge


5) To which organization will you give the money you save on beverages?  

Pledge Your Birthday

Have a birthday coming up? This is your chance to give clean water instead of receiving birthday presents. 

Some organizations do birthday pledges, such as charity: water and Compassion. You will find everything you need to tell your family and friends that you don’t want them to get you birthday presents this year, but instead you want them to make donations for clean water. Be sure to get your parent's permission first!

Planning Questions:

1) Make a list of people you will ask to help you reach your birthday goal. 


2) When will you start your campaign? (Remember, it's good to start a bit before your birthday so people know what you get for you.) 

3) Do you have a specific goal amount in mind?

4) Why do you want to pledge your birthday for water? What does it mean to you? You will use this to create your campaign on either of the sites listed below.


Donate your gently used athletic shoes to help people get clean water! You can either donate your own shoes or host a drop box to collect shoes from others. Learn more from WaterStep.

Donate Your Shoes:

Find a drop box near you and simply drop your shoes off in it.


Host a Drop Box:

Invite others to join you in giving away their gently used athletic shoes. Use the resources from the WaterStep website to help you. 

Step It Forward

Planning Questions:

If you plan to host a drop box, use these planning questions to get you started.


1) Who will you ask to donate shoes? (Family, friends, church, community, etc.) 


2) When will you start collecting shoes? How long will you collect them? 

3) Where will you collect the shoes?

Give Your Allowance

Pledge your allowance for a set amount of time, and then donate it to a water charity of your choice.

Planning Questions:

1) How long will you commit to give your allowance


2) When is your start date? Finish date? 

3) How much do you expect to save? Do you have a specific goal amount in mind?


4) Think about some extra ways to earn money. Could you do extra work for family or neighbors? (Make sure to get parent permission before offering to work for others.)


5) To which organization will you give the money you save on beverages?  

Walk for water

Millions of people walk an average of 6 kilometers every day to get water. Now you can walk a 6K and give clean water to those who need it.




1) Plan your own walk today! You can raise money on your own with family and friends. Just tell them what you learned about the water crisis--be sure to tell them why the walk is a 6K! Then have them pledge an amount for you to complete the walk. Once you have finished your 6K, let those who donated know you completed the walk, and ask them to send their pledge to the water organization of your choice. Done! Water for many, all because you walked a 6K!


2) You can join the "Global 6K for Water" on the World Vision website. Join the annual race in May by finding a host site or completing the 6K on your own at home. Both ways will get water to someone in need. (There is a $25 registration fee for youth, and this money goes to give clean water to someone in need.) You can also choose to raise additional money.

Be sure to have your parent's permission to participate in a 6K or DIY event.

Planning Questions:

Whichever option you choose from the list above, begin by thinking about these things.


1) Who will join you on your walk?


2) Who will you ask to donate to your walk? 

3) When will you do your walk?

4) Describe the route you will take (length of the walk, start and stop point, etc.)

5) Will you invite other people in your community to be part of the walk and raise money? If so, talk to your parents about what you need to do to get started.

Plan a fundraiser

Raise money in a way unique to you and your talents! The sky is the limit with what you can plan! 

Start by BRAINSTORMING all the ways you could raise money. Write down as many ideas as you can. Get creative! (Parent permission is important here---especially if you're going to fundraise online!)

Planning Questions:

1) What will you do as a fundraiser? (You could run an online campaign through Compassion International and charity: water or you could do a traditional fundraiser by selling something, like lemonade, or providing a service, such as a car wash. They will help you tell people about it and collect the money. Some will even show you where your donation went and who it helped.)


2) Who needs to be involved to make this happen. In other words, who do you need to help you with all the logistics? (Make sure you talk to them before you continue planning.)


3) When will you do your fundraiser? If online, when will you start your campaign and how long will it run? 

4) Make a list of people you will invite to your fundraiser.


5) Do you have a specific goal amount in mind?

6) Why do you want to do this fundraiser? What does it mean to you? You can use this to create your campaign online or to make signs for your fundraiser.

Online fundraising resources: