Student Resources for "Refugees" Notebooks

This page is to be used with the Refugees Student Notebooks.

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Question #1:

What is the Problem with Water?


Match the heading below to the one in your Student Notebook 

What is life like for a refugee?


"Syrian Refugee Children: A story told in 23 pictures" (inside camp and inside a children's center--focus on photos and captions--what is life like inside the camp? What challenges do those kids face? Why are they there?)


"What Is a Refugee Camp?" (Gives big picture overview and very short stories of people in them.)


Video: "A Life on Hold" (2012--Teenager Omar from Somalia, war, shows smoking and playing cards with all the time on their hands--living in refugee camp, watching friends go. He doesn't leave in this video--hopelessness)





Video: "Rain is Beautiful" (2012--Same teen Omar from "A Life on Hold" is granted resettlement. Follow him as he leaves the refugee camp) Family is still left behind in Somalia--can ask lots of good questions about what they notice, how is life different from what they expected, what challenges could you see them facing

Video: "Why Did These Families Flee Across the US Border? (Gangs, danger of violence)

Question #2: 

How Does a Lack of Clean Water Affect People's Lives?

What if...?
Book Connections

"Voyage of the St. Louis" connects to Refugee

Comparing Two Stories
Getting Another Perspective
Personal Straws


(Be sure to look for "WATERisLIFE new Clean Sip Straw Filters")​

Water Filters
rainwater harvesting

Desalination of Ocean water

Reflecting on Solutions

Question #3: 

What Solutions

Are Available?


Question #4: 

How Can I Help?

WHY do people become refugees?


"The Global Refugee Crisis: What you need to know" (gives basics of what refugees are and why they flee--news like, no stories)


Video: "Why Did These Families Flee Across the US Border? (Gangs, danger of violence)

"Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Migrants: Three reasons people flee home" (mentions LGBTQ and sexual abuse--both are mentioned and not described in any detail)