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Curriculum units about global issues for kids  

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"Studying Clean Water has made an impact on both myself and the girls...and [I] recommend that you take a few weeks to allow it to make an impact on your family too!" 


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Be the Hands?

"Be the Hands" homeschool units help kids LEARN about global issues from a BIBLICAL worldview, grow in COMPASSION, and take ACTION to make a difference. 


Units include:

  • Guided internet research for safer learning 

  • Thought-provoking activities to build critical thinking skills

  • Practical application

  • Devotions to better understand the heart of God in that issue

  • Ideas to include younger family members

  • Ideas to adapt lessons to co-ops, Sunday School groups, or other small groups

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To help children develop a biblical worldview

as they interact with global issues and

make a difference. 


Each unit provides opportunities

to develop critical literacy skills,

deepen an understanding of God's Word, 

and practically apply what they learned now.