Hunger in America: Home Instructor's Guide PDF

A Biblical Perspective on Global Issues for Kids

(Be the Hands Homeschool Curriculum)


In today’s world it’s easy for kids to get focused on themselves, but the greatest joys come from loving others. Teach your child about real world issues from a biblical perspective and how they can make a difference right from home. In this unit, students learn about hunger in America and how it affects people closer to them than they may think. Then they discover how God's plan for changing this and helping others includes them! Please note: This curriculum requires the use of the internet. Student books: Purchase Hunger in America Student Notebooks for grades 4-5 or 6-8 separately. (This PDF may be reproduced by the origianl purchaser for family members only. For group rates, please contact


About the Hunger in America Unit:

  • Reading activities to deepen comprehension and build critical thinking skills
  • Independent project for practical application
  • Devotions focused Jesus feeding the 4,000 (Matt. 15)
  • Guided internet research for safer learning


Home Instructor's Guide includes:

  • Lesson guides
  • Discussion questions
  • Extension ideas
  • Answer keys
  • Ideas in each lesson for younger learners
  • Ideas for classrooms, co-ops, and other small groups

Hunger in America: Home Instructor's Guide PDF