Build a biblical worldview:

God has a lot to say in His Word about loving others, having compassion on those in need, and reaching the nations for His Name. Students will learn about these amazing parts of God’s character and view world issues through this lens.

Develop critical thinking skills:

The questions and activities help students do more than just recall information. Students use what they learn to draw conclusions, ask questions, analyze multiple points of view, evaluate benefits/drawbacks, and interpret photos or videos. 

Learn through real world issues:

We want students to grow up with compassion for the world around them. This means tackling real world issues in a safe and compassionate way. Students will learn about how an issue (such as a lack of clean water or hunger in America) affects people’s lives while also seeing hope in the solutions. 

Put love into action: 

Students actively practice being the hands and feet of Jesus by “doing something” or “telling someone” in a unit project.


put love into action