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Books that Can Change How You See the World, Part 2

Looking for a good book to read this new year? I’ve got one for ya! Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World by Scott Harrison is truly a story of redemption. Scott began his career as a nightclub promoter, steeped in a culture of alcohol, drugs, and vanity. As he battled with the emptiness he felt mentally, his body began to show physical signs of his despair. He began to seek God and wonder what would happen if he just gave up his career and went to help others. And then he did it. He walked away from his career and his life in New York City to work on a hospital ship in West Africa, and in that, he found the purpose he’d been missing. It was from this experience he went on to start charity: water, a charity founded to help solve one of the most pervasive problems on the planet--a lack of clean water. (If you've used our Clean Water unit, you may have read some of the stories from their website. They have a lot of wonderful stories of people from all over the world who have gotten clean water and how it's affected them.)

Thirst is a serious story of a life changed, and it’s told with a healthy dose of humor. (Seems to be a theme in these books I like! I need the lightness of humor when I’m reading about such serious topics.) Harrison recounts his story of transformation, all the while giving credit to God and seeing God’s plans for his own life. While the story is clearly his own, he lit a little spark in me---not to start a charity or go overseas, but to take what God has given me here and do something. God has given each of us the ability, resources, and passion for something, and I just need to seek Him and then do the next step He shows me. No more, no less. Just the next step.

(Note: I don’t use affiliate links, so the links above are just there to make it easy to find things. However, I love our ebook library here in Maryland, and that’s where I borrowed this one.)

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