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God Rest Ye Merry...Everyone

I just want to take a quick minute and wish you all a very Merry Christmas, filled with rest and joy in the coming of Jesus! What a beautiful season it can be, especially when we find rest in Him and all He gives. Rest is something God has been speaking to me about more and more. It seems to be a growing theme in my life--to strive less and trust more. It's hard for me to let go sometimes. It gives me an illusion of control if I'm striving (my, how I like to try and make things work...) But He's been patient with me, working on my heart to find joy in rest. He’s been showing me how:

To work less on all the things that are energy-sucking (for me, that’s marketing--not my thing!) and trust it is all in His timing.

To rest at night--literally. As in go to sleep and stop thinking about everything under the sun.

To rest in my thought life, from fears and worries and to-do lists and over-analyzing mistakes I made. To trust He is good enough and big enough and forgiving enough to cover all these areas.

To rest from the craziness this season can bring and spend time time looking at Him instead. To do less and know it’s enough as long as it points to Him.

So that’s where I’m hoping to spend my Christmas. Resting in His goodness and mercy. I'm so thankful to have such a God who calls us to rest and takes joy when we actually do it.

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