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Choose an activity below to educate people in your life about hunger in America.

Create an Infographic

Create an infographic to share the most important facts about hunger in America.

Be a Spokesperson

Make posters and use them to encourage people to donate to a local food bank or pantry.

Teach a Group

Prepare a presentation and teach a group about hunger in America.

overview of projects



Commit to telling one person a day about hunger in America for a set amount of time.

Write a Report

Write a report about what you learned so you can share it with others.

Create an Infographic

An infographic is simply information put into graphic form. It makes information easier to understand and catches the reader's eye. Check out some of these examples of infographics:

Now that you have some ideas, think about which facts you want to include and which graphics would help you SHOW that idea (and not just TELL it). Get artistic and have fun!

Planning Questions:

1) What facts will you include in your infographic?

2) What materials will you need? 

3) With whom will you share it or where will you hang it so others can see it?


Project Details & planning questions

Be a Spokesperson

Find a local food pantry or bank and become their "spokesperson." Make posters and hang them in your church, community center, local grocery stores, homeschool co-ops--anywhere that would help get the word out and encourage people to donate food. (Just be sure to get permission from managers, pastors, etc., before hanging up the signs.) With this project, you're not collecting the food, but instead encouraging others to donate on their own.

Think about what facts you should include on your posters to help people understand the need and then to give. 

Which food bank or pantry could you help? Find one near you.

Planning Questions:


1) Which food bank or food pantry will you advertise for?

2) How will you go about advertising for them? 

3) Where will you advertise?

4) How long will you plan to advertise? 

5) It's always good to include important facts about an issue when presenting it to an audience. What facts about hunger in America will you include in your advertising to help raise awareness (and hopefully food donations)?

Teach a Group

Who would you like to tell about the hunger problem in America? Your Sunday School class? Church? Homeschool group? Family members? This is your chance to share what you've learned with the people around you. The more people who understand hunger in America, the more people there are working together to solve this problem.

Planning Questions:

Think about audience, facts, and format.


1) AUDIENCE: Who will you teach?

2) FACTS: What facts will you teach? Make sure your presentation has enough facts and stories for people to understand the problem and what they can do to help. Plan your facts carefully for the biggest impact.

3) FORMAT: How will you present this information? Will you make a PowerPoint presentation? PosterHandouts? It's always a good idea for people to have something to look at while you present.

4) What materials will you need?


5) Set up an appointment to teach. Think about date, time, and place.

Teach a group


Maybe you want to tell people, but making a big presentation isn't for you. If that sounds like you, then this is just the project for you! One-A-Day is a commitment to tell one person each day about hunger in America. You choose how many days--5, 10, maybe even more. The more people you tell, the more people who can make an impact on this problem.

Planning Questions:


1) AUDIENCE: Make a list of people you can tell about this issue. Plan to have at least one a day for the number of days you commit to this project.

2) How many days will you commit to telling one person each day about this issue? 5? 10? More?

3) FACTS: What facts will you share? Be sure you tell enough information so people understand how serious the problem is and what they can do to help. Plan your facts and stories ahead of time so you are ready when the moment arises.

4) When will you start?

Write a report

This is your chance to share what you've learned about hunger by writing about it. A report is a great way to reflect on an issue and share with others.

Planning Questions:

Think about audience, facts, and format.


1) AUDIENCE: Who will read your report?

2) FACTS: Organize your facts into an outline. Think about what you want to have stand out most and structure your report accordingly.

3) FORMAT: How will you present this information? Will it be written out in full or will you include technology? 


4) Share it! Find someone (or a few someones) and share your report. This is how you will raise awareness with this project.

Write a report
One a day
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