What are Be the Hands Units?


"Be the Hands" homeschool units help kids LEARN about global issues from a BIBLICAL worldview, grow in COMPASSION, and take ACTION to make a difference. 


Units include:

  • Guided internet research for safer learning 

  • Thought-provoking activities to build critical thinking skills

  • Practical application

  • Devotions to better understand the heart of God in that issue

  • Ideas to include younger family members

  • Ideas to easily adapt lessons for schools, co-ops, Sunday School groups, or other groups

Clean Water Unit

More than 663 million people are without clean water all over the world. Kids learn how this affects people's lives and how they can make a difference from home.

Hunger in America Unit

What myths surround hunger in the United States? Kids learn what's true and what's false and how they can make a difference for people who are hungry in their communities.

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