Plan a fundraiser

Raise money in a way unique to you and your talents! The sky is the limit with what you can plan! 

Start by BRAINSTORMING all the ways you could raise money. Write down as many ideas as you can. Get creative!

Planning Questions:

1) What will you do as a fundraiser? (You could run an online campaign through Compassion International and charity: water or you could do a traditional fundraiser by selling something, like lemonade, or providing a service, such as a car wash.)


2) Who needs to be involved to make this happen. In other words, who do you need to help you with all the logistics? (Make sure you talk to them before you continue planning.)


3) When will you do your fundraiser? If online, when will you start your campaign and how long will it run? 

4) Make a list of people you will invite to your fundraiser.


5) Do you have a specific goal amount in mind?

6) Why do you want to do this fundraiser? What does it mean to you? You can use this to create your campaign online or to make signs for your fundraiser.

*If you're doing an online campaign through Compassion International and charity: water, make sure to visit their sites and check out their resources to help you plan and run your fundraiser. They will help you tell people about it and collect the money. Some will even show you where your donation went and who it helped.